III International Essay Award in Education and Learning

This International Award is awarded by Global Knowledge Academics (GKA) and recognizes excellence in research in education. The winner will receive a certificate and a free registration at the next International Congress on Education and Learning, where he will be able to present his research in public. Thematic areas: Policy, Legislation, and History of Education; Social Aspects of Education; Educational Methodologies; The Educational Stages and their Curriculum; Leadership and Management of Educational Centers; Science, Technology, and Innovation in Education; Continuing Education and Vocational Training; Psychology of Education and Learning.

Winning work in 2018

Capa O re-inventar da inclusão

O re-inventar da inclusão: Os desafios da diferença no processo de ensinar e aprender

Author: Sílvia Ester Orrú
ISBN: 978-85-326-5331-4
Publisher: Editora Vozes (Brazil)

Education is a fundamental right of the citizen. To safeguard this right, laws were made for students with disabilities to have access and retention in schools. In this movement it received the name of inclusion. However, despite the established laws, many students experience a pseudo inclusion, since, although they have physical access to the school, the treatment promotes the feeling of non-existent group membership. This book aims to present the concept of «minor inclusion» inspired by the readings of «Kafka, for a minor literature» by Deleuze and Guattari. Interviews were conducted with a school principal and with a teacher, as well as a conversation circle with a first-year children’s class. They also interviewed a judge and a former detainee, a Syrian immigrant, a woman with multiple sclerosis, a girl with Down syndrome and the mother of a child with autism. As a result, experiments were presented that demonstrate inclusion as part of the educational philosophy and the life of the school and social community of those involved. Finally, the minor inclusion is conceptualized as the one that occurs in the difference that is different and without the legal imposition as its motivation.


Editora Vozes

The Author

Silvia Ester Orru

Prof. Sílvia Ester Orrú, PhD
Universidade de Brasília | Universidade Federal de Alfenas | Laboratório de Estudos e Pesquisas em Aprendizagem e Inclusão (Brazil)

Sílvia Ester Orrú, Brazilian, graduated in Pedagogy, postgraduate in Clinical and Institutional Psychopedagogy, master degree and doctorate in Education. Post-doctorate in Education from the Laboratory of Studies and Research in Teaching and Difference (LEPED) of the Faculty of Education of the Universidade Estadual de Campinas (Unicamp). She is a professor at the Faculty of Education of the Universidade de Brasília (UnB). She is currently an associate professor at the Universidade Federal de Alfenas (Unifal), Campus Poços de Caldas and the Postgraduate Program in Education, in which she directs research work. With experience in the area of Education with emphasis on training for the understanding of the areas: higher education, teacher training in undergraduate courses, inclusive education, education and autism, innovative and inclusive dialogic processes, and educational management. In his career in higher education, she worked in the area of teaching, research, and management in graduate and postgraduate courses. She is the author of books, chapters, and articles in national and international newspapers. She is the coordinator of the Laboratory of Studies and Research in Learning and Inclusion (LEPAI/UnB/CNPq).

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